About Jorge Hernandez

Jorge Hernandez

I've been a software engineer for over 10 years and have created state-of-the-art applications with many different technologies, from desktop applications using Visual Basic and C#, to back-end solutions using PHP, MySQL, Python, to web applications using Flash, Flash Media Server, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, XML, etc.

My applications have been used by millions of users world-wide and have been critically acclaimed by many in the industry, from business critical applications such as web conferencing platform I created for webconference.com, to training modules for Honda and Acura technicians, to a Flash based karaoke application created for Myspace.com.

I'm a strong believer in creating robust and scalable solutions using object-oriented designs and following industry best practices. I'm looking for a company that's not afraid to try new ideas and that empowers its employees to be creative and take risks.